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I MUV for myself
- Spokane, WA
I MUV for my kids
- Happy Valley, OR
I MUV for my parents
- Irmo, SC
I MUV for my health
- Columbia, SC
I MUV for my future
- Beaverton, OR

the muv fitness advantage

Results-Driven Gym & Fitness Center

A Culture of Health & Community

MÜV Fitness is a fitness club that promotes healthy living and provides a variety of classes that help you achieve results you can be proud of. From individual training to small group classes to weight loss programs, we have the fitness center option that will match what you’re looking for.

Our extensively trained staff and our state-of-the-art facilities provide an encouraging environment that will help motivate you to push yourself to the next level. MÜV firmly believes that a supportive community is conducive to happy and nutritious living, so we provide a unique experience that will make you feel like part of a tribe.


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group classes

Our group classes allow you to be surrounded by other MUV Fitness athletes who are looking to get fit and have fun! Discover what group classes your local MUV Fitness gym has to offer and find your tribe today.

personal training

Our one-on-one programs allow our elite personal trainers to customize a workout that targets your problem areas and helps you hit—and exceed—your goals. We’ll push you to achieve more than you ever thought you could.

weight loss

MUV Fitness is a results driven community. We provide you with the guidance and tools you need to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Try our MUV It & Lose It Fitness Challenges for a life changing experience and reach your potential.

At müvfitness our dominant thought is results.
results for our members, results for our employees,
and results for our community.

Join the müvment
This isn't a destination for me, it's a journey. My body is always changing and if I want to continue to be strong and healthy I have to continue on this journey.
- Shannon
Fitness journey
- Autumn
First impressions ARE important
- Tess
I am grateful for the trainers, my own team members and others whose classes and boot camps I’ve joined along the way!
- Sharyl

why muvfitness?​


become part of a tribe

A supportive environment is crucial to attaining desired results. At MÜV, we believe we’re stronger together, so you’ll be among a community of like-minded, results-driven members who will push you to be your best and exceed your goals.


friendly, extensively trained staff

MÜV recognizes the importance of surrounding our members with the best people. Our fitness enthusiasts will happily provide support, encouragement, and guidance through every step of your journey.


state-of-the-art training facilities

Our fitness centers are designed for maximum results and optimal satisfaction. MÜV helps put the enjoyment back into health and fitness with industry-leading equipment and an atmosphere that will make you excited to keep coming back.

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